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Melting :

Electrical Main frequency & Medium Frequency induction furnaces for melting and holding. Capacity -2000 Tones/Month.

Casting :

Semi continuous casting machines producing 12 Ft long. Logs/Billets having pre-determined grain size which are cut to required lengths for heating &hot extrusion. Capacity 1500 Tones/Month.

Production :

Extrusion Presses :

M/S. Lombard, U.S.A Make Capacity - 500 Tones.
M/S. Farrel Bridge, U.K. Make Capacity -1250 Tones. M/S. Fielding & Platt, U.S.A Make Capacity -3600 Tones.

Pilger Mill :

M/S. Mannesmann Demag, Germany make Model- 75 Vmr.

Draw Benches :

Fifteen Draw Benches with different Capacity. Mostly U.K. Make.


Heat Treatment Furnaces :

Roller Hearth, Chain type Continuous, Batch , Pit & Conveyor and also furnaces with controlled atmosphere for Bright Annealing.
Total Capacity 1000 Tones l Month (Packed).

Manufactured in Accordance with :

As per BS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, EEMUA, AS, & BIS besides several other corporate specifications.